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Huper Optik is the smartest choice for your residential or commercial solar control solution. The excellent performance of these films exceeds the growing expectations of discerning consumers and business owners who are increasingly concerned about comfort, aesthetics, safety and security in the home, office, or retail space.

In addition, Huper Optik's unique manufacturing technology allows for consistent quality roll after roll in contrast to older metalized film processes or even the newer "plastic" nano-technology manufacturing methods. Be sure to ask us about Huper Optik's revolutionary new Therm-X Window Films, the highest performance films in their class.

Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Film Advantages

  • • Films won't change color or peel.
  • • Porcelain scratch-resistant coating.
  • • Very low reflectivity so windows appear natural.
  • • Controls temperature while allowing visible light to enter, permitting a clear view—both day and night.
  • • Ceramic films are safe on all types of glass and require no special cleaners.
  • • Because of their superior quality, Huper Optik ceramic window films come with a residential lifetime warranty.

Huper Optik's nano-technology window films not only greatly reduce the total solar energy buildup in your home, office or retail space, they also reduce up to 100.0% of the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer and the fading of furnishing and interior finishes. While protecting valuable home and office furnishings, these films have the added feature of low reflectivity, day or night, so that your view is not obscured. A layer of film also provides an additional level of safety by keeping glass fragments together in the event of accidental breakage.

Excelling as the industry leader, Huper Optik® is constantly upgrading and improving to meet the changing needs of consumers. Their commitment is to deliver high-quality products and establish total customer satisfaction by providing the finest solar control solutions, creating the perfect window.

Huper Optik® offers a diverse range of products to fit your specific film requirements.

Arctic Window Tinting Is Recognized by Huper Optik for Exceptional Service and Sales

Huper Optik has recognized Arctic Window Tinting by awarding the firm the prestigious North American Horizon Award for exceptional sales and service.

Arctic Window Tinting can help you select the right film for your home, office, or retail space. Call us today at 301-332-5300 for a no-obligation consultation.