How to Solve Melting or Warping Vinyl Siding – Use Our Heat Film Solution

Melting vinyl siding being repaired.Have you noticed that your neighbor’s siding is wrinkled across from your windows? Have you seen strange marks on your side that look like the siding is warped or wrinkled? You may have reflected light problem that is causing the vinyl siding of your home or your neighbors to melt or wrinkle.

Melting, wrinkling, or warping of siding is much more common than you would think, even in our Virginia and Maryland region.

Vinyl siding does react to high reflected light and melts or warps when exposed to reflected heat and light energy. We have seen this type of siding damage typically in corners of homes where a window may reflect heat into an inside corner area or bump-out area or on your neighbor’s home that is hit by a reflection of your own home’s windows.

What Actually Causes This "Melting" Problem?

It is not a side defect, but rather a reflection problem. Low-e windows help to keep indoor temperatures comfortable for you and your family, but the reflective coating can sometimes cause serious reflection problems which may burn foliage or cause exterior siding in areas near windows or across from window to melt or warp. It is the reflective energy and not necessarily heat buildup in these nearby areas that causes the siding damage.

How Is the Problem Solved?

By installing specialized window film on the outside of nearby windows, the problem of thermal energy buildup can be resolved. It is easy to replace the siding once the underlying problem has been identified. Our special films and proper installation will work to prevent any future damage to your home or your neighbors.

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